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Aaron Franczek, Collin Hartman,Monica Kling, Sarah Meleski, Claire Pattison, Amanda Schmidt, Becca Scholz, Alyssa Stuiber, Becky Thorn, Ryan Treviranus, Gracie Ventura Haas, Marcie Weiss, Jenny White, Robert Bhatia, Jill Braasch, Jenni Herrick and Laine Philippa

Friday, June 1, 2012

Message from Laine

After coming back from the town of Manyoni, students found themselves too busy to get their thoughts together for the blog.  Father Tim hosted a wood-oven pizza party in his home and good times were had by all. 

It is now 5:30 am and we are packing the truck to leave Dodoma and head for the Mikumi Wildlife Preserve.  Although it is a long drive, students know that by nightfall we will see elephants, giraffes and zebra.

We are most likely out of touch until we reach Dar-es-Salaam tomorrow night.  Everyone is happy and healthy and beginning to look forward to seeing their families and sharing their wonderful experiences.

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