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Aaron Franczek, Collin Hartman,Monica Kling, Sarah Meleski, Claire Pattison, Amanda Schmidt, Becca Scholz, Alyssa Stuiber, Becky Thorn, Ryan Treviranus, Gracie Ventura Haas, Marcie Weiss, Jenny White, Robert Bhatia, Jill Braasch, Jenni Herrick and Laine Philippa

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Message from Laine

Hello Everyone,

Just want to share that our group is off to the village of Manyoni for the night - out of email contact for the next 36 hours.  All the students are in fine shape - despite a couple blisters and sore shoulders from the physical work of erecting the windmill.   In just a few minutes we will be going to the vegetable market and purchasing foods for a meal we will cook over a fire - in the African way.  We will be directed by Mama Moki, an old friend of our Stritch groups.   We will let you know how it turns out! 

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