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Aaron Franczek, Collin Hartman,Monica Kling, Sarah Meleski, Claire Pattison, Amanda Schmidt, Becca Scholz, Alyssa Stuiber, Becky Thorn, Ryan Treviranus, Gracie Ventura Haas, Marcie Weiss, Jenny White, Robert Bhatia, Jill Braasch, Jenni Herrick and Laine Philippa

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Safe Arrival Message from Laine

I just wanted you to know that all of our students arrived safely in Dar-es-Salaam last night.  Although they had sleepy eyes, they were in great spirits!  They were welcomed by Father Tim Coday at the airport and we loaded up our bags (which ALL arrived with us!) and jumped into our new truck (which has yet to be named by the students).   After driving about 45 minutes through the city, we arrived to the Mission where a nice welcome meal awaited us.

By midnight they were all lodged into one of the mission cabins in the compound.  Although the internet office was locked up, fortunately the showers were not.  Within a few minutes they were all sacked down.

I got up early to reassure you that all is well and I have 15 wonderful participants who will soon be adding their more interesting words to this blog.  But now...breakfast awaits me.

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