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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More than a Windmill by Sarah Meleski

     Today was our final day to help finish up the windmill at Rhema Primary Academy.  All that was left on our to do list for the day was 1) Finish the deep trench we were digging for a pipe to go from the windmill to the water tank  2) help with the assembly of the fins and 3)help get the fins up to the top of the windmill structure to put on. I was very anxious and excited for the grand finale.  I was waiting in anticipation for the end product of all our hard work.
     Another really awesome aspect to the day was the interactions I was able to have with the students there at the school.  During break times (or recess) some of the girls and boys from each class would come and sit around at a distance, watching us work on the windmill.  They always seemed eager and ready to wave at us as soon as they found that they had our attention.  Today a group of girls and boys motioned me to come over by calling out my name.  It seemed as if they had a lot of enthusiasm to try to learn more about us and about wanting to get to know me better was very heart-warming.  I sometimes thought that they were more interested in the interactions they were able to have with us versus their interest in this windmill we were building for their school.  I am beginning to realize how much of an impact one little group of Americans can make on these students.  Even though probably a lot of students did not quite understand what we came to do, they still were excited and happy to know that a group of Americans wanted to come and visit and help out their school. You could see it in their faces.
     So when the windmill was almost ready and we were waiting for the windmill to generate the water from the well, the kids were surrounding the whole site.  One of the little boys told me that he would miss me.  I was heartbroken.  I then was coming to the realization that I may never see any of these kids again.  So from the three days of our group working at the Academy to build this windmill, we built so many relationships.  Ones that I hope never to forget. 
     I can't imagine what my life would be like had I not had the opportunity to come on this trip to Tanzania Africa.  It has changed me so much and has caused me to see the reality that we live in.  Tanzania is a very poverty stricken area and many live in homes that are no bigger than our kitchens back in the U.S.  It really hurts and I struggle with how much we have home, and how little they have here.  However, these children that we met were one of the most happy groups of children that I have ever met in my entire life and their faces always lit up for them to see and meet us. The Academy now has clean water for them, their school, and their families.  But hopefully most of all, they will cherish the few memories they created with our group.  This windmill will serve as a constant reminder of our love and care for these students and the people of Tanzania. 


  1. I LOVE the picture of you with the kids. A picture tells a thousand words!!

  2. Sarah thanks for sharing, I think we often don't realize how lucky we truly are

  3. Glad to hear a bit of what you all have been up to! Can't wait until I can hear more! Your whole group has been in my prayers and our community prayers as well! LOVE YOU! :)

  4. Hey Sarah,
    I've been keeping track of you through the blog but am still figuring out how to comment. Keeping you in all in prayer.
    Love, Mom

  5. Sarah, I love that picture of you and the kids!!! I can't wait to hear more about your trip; it sounds like you had a phenomenal experience.